2203, 2024

EMALT – Uso efficace della terapia musicale, artistica e letteraria per individui immigrati e rifugiati

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Una nuova sfida promossa da LUETEC e dal Consorzio del progetto EMALT. Il progetto si rivolge ad individui affetti da multimorbidità, ma cosa significa questo aggettivo? Questo si riferisce a tutti gli individui che soffrono di più di una malattia cronica contemporaneamente. Con riferimento a queste persone, alcuni studi hanno evidenziato come il consumo multiplo di medicinali rappresenti una grave minaccia in termini di salute psicosociale e qualità della vita.

701, 2023

Workshop: Artist Online

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Workshop Artist Online on 11-15 January 2023, Naples   Project Erasmus + KA2 Artist with disabilities online  LUETEC is Partner of the Project "Artist with disabilities online"which aims to support artists with disabilities in gaining competences in the preparation of an artistic offer and its presentation on the web, i.e. preparation of film and photographic material, its processing in an appropriate program and placing on the web

408, 2022

ELMAT: a project for immigrant and refugee multimorbid individuals

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ELMAT: a project for immigrant and refugee multimorbid individuals   ELMAT -  Effective use of Music, Art and Literature Therapy for immigrant and refugee multimorbid individuals A new challenge is launched by LUETEC and the Consortium of the project ELMAT. The project address to multiborbid individuals, but what does this adjective mean? It refers all individuals who suffer from more than one chronic illness at the same

1703, 2022

LUETEC: against hate speech

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LUETEC contributes to the European Project RAISE, by adopting the O4 Policy Recommendations to counter the Hate Speech How many times did you listen to talk about the Hate Speech? What is it? The Hate Speech is a widespread phenomenon that occurs in different contexts both offline and online. It is not easy to counter it, above all between young people. Then the partnership of the Erasmus+

2002, 2022

ECT Skills & EL – Newsletter

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News from the activities of the project Entrepreneurship & Critical Thinking Skills Erasmus+ the Partnership is made up of 5 partners of United Kingdom, Latvia, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria Do you know our project ECT Skills & EL? The aim of this project is to develop an incentive that will encourage student participation in English language learning programmes across the partner institutions. We share with you last newsletter!

2012, 2021

News from the activities of the project EInMu

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News from the activities of the project EInMu MUSEUM & SCHOOL HOW THEY ARE/ CAN BE CONNECTED? This international online event that took place on 14th of May 2021 celebrated the International Museum Day. Each partner of the project invited a museum educator from his/her country to present the museum where he/she works in from a new perspective, that of the relationship between the museum and the

1812, 2021

Art therapy for disable youth interactive and creative learning

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Art therapy for disable youth interactive and creative learning   Young people with disabilities must be able to participate in society and have equal rights with all. Policies for the social inclusion of people with disabilities are purposefully moving from support to the development of the abilities of the disabled themselves, the development of independence, integration into local communities and the promotion of social life. The project

2709, 2021

The project “PACT – Political Activism & Critical Thinking”, a new challenge for LUETEC!

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The project “PACT - Political Activism & Critical Thinking” A new challenge for LUETEC!   As you know, LUETEC never stops to find new incentives and to face current issues together with new international partnership. This time, with Austrian, German, Greek and Serbian partners will be find out how, people who may be at risk of radicalisation, can be methodically empowered to participate in socially relevant

2106, 2021

Mum and Dad, we need of you!

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Mum and Dad, we need of you! "Upskilling parents – How to guide children safely through distance learning – through times of crisis" of the project “Upskilling Parents”  2.0 parents! Yes, they are! No one could foresee that convinces us of this a pandemic crisis. And this is because families, particularly those in a disadvantaged condition, could not easily provide their children with the equipment they

1205, 2021

Weekly English

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Weekly English “5 lessons, 5 topics, 5 minutes” Due to the pandemic, our English courses stopped. During the first period we were optimistic about the fact that we could promptly start again the face-to-face lessons with our students. Since this didn’t happen, in the first months of 2021 we decided to create an online course that could reconnect us with our students and, hopefully, reach for new

1005, 2021


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YOUR CLASSROOM AT HOME Pandemic period made us realise how difficult can it be to change our habits since we found ourselves remodelling our working life. During self-isolation adult educators found a lot of difficulties to continue teaching to adult learners. Lifelong learning is important to prepare them for the inevitable changes happening in working life. For this reason, LUETEC, according to one of its mission which

105, 2021

Pandemic covid 19: we want to resist!

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Pandemic covid 19: we want to resist! A few years ago we could never have imagined to live in a global pandemic. Many of us only knew about pandemics in tales or novels, but now it is the reality. As a matter of fact the COVID 19 pandemic has also had a significant impact on the people’s everyday routine. Especially in educational field, because of this pandemic is