Art therapy for disable youth interactive and creative learning


Young people with disabilities must be able to participate in society and have equal rights with all. Policies for the social inclusion of people with disabilities are purposefully moving from support to the development of the abilities of the disabled themselves, the development of independence, integration into local communities and the promotion of social life.

The project “Art Therapy – a unique resource for personal development partner organizations collect and share examples in interactive and creative learning of disable youth by using Art Therapy. The partners collect examples of the expressive art therapy used not only in their organizations but in all countries. This project tries to summarize the existing experience of European countries practicing teachers, using elements of art therapy as a kind of art, music, dance pedagogy, to review the positive effects on different children, including children with developmental disabilities.

We suggest you get acquainted with the methods of art therapy here

An abstract about the project published on EPALE in Lithuanian version.