Art therapy – a unique resource for personal development: exchange of good Practices

Erasmus+ Partnership is made up of 5 partners from Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Portugal.

This strategic partnership project aims to share good practice examples in interactive and creative learning of youth with disabilities by using Art Therapy. Partners will develop “Methodology of expressive art therapy application.” E-Book – a sustainable training tool for youth trainers which will be one of the tangible results of this project. This project is an attempt to summarize the available experience in the European countries, the experience of practicing teachers in the use of elements of art therapy as a kind of art pedagogy, give an overview of the positive effects on different children, including children with developmental disabilities.

The objectives of the project are:

-to share good practices among project partners,

-to increase the professional development of youth workers,

-to collect and develop methods for the project E-Book,

-to develop and reinforce EU networks for disabled youth teaching and learning,

-to enrich the network of disabled youth education providers in partners’ countries and Europe.

The term “Art Therapy” refers to treatment based on the practice of art creation. However, the tasks are not only related to treatment, but also mental harmonization, human development, resolution of social conflicts.