Rural Resilience and Rural Tourism Training Paths

The project aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs active in tourism and agriculture, by developing a training program to design tour packages to implement tourism in rural areas to attract new targets of tourists.

The project vision is to encourage this type of tourism helping tourists, to discover the local intangible cultural heritage (handicrafts, cuisine, music, stories, customs, and creating connections among local communities according to the Experiential tourism approach.


Project objectives

  • to encourage young people living in rural areas to be more resilient and invest their skills and
  • competencies locally;
  • to promote the economic development of small towns and villages using rural tourism incoming;
  • to strengthen digital competencies for rural tourism operators;
  • to fill the digital gap in rural tourism promotion and management;
  • to create new training paths and awareness campaigns to promote Experiential tourism;

Project activities

-Project management (communication, financial issues and budget management)

-Rural Tourism and Rural Resilience Guide to generate and elaborate innovative ideas in the rural tourism sector and encourage young people to invest in this field locally.

-Promotional Campaign rural tourism dedicated Experiential tourism what and what is for.

-Impact, dissemination and sustainability of the project activities. Final joint conference organization to share results of this project.

The guide will help you, on a journey through the experiences of responsible and resilient tourism in 4 European 🇪🇺 countries:

Slovakia 🇸🇰  Poland 🇵🇱  Italy 🇮🇹   Austria 🇦🇹   and Ireland  🇮🇪

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