Mum and Dad, we need of you!

“Upskilling parents – How to guide children safely through distance learning – through times of crisis” of the project “Upskilling Parents” 

2.0 parents! Yes, they are!

No one could foresee that convinces us of this a pandemic crisis. And this is because families, particularly those in a disadvantaged condition, could not easily provide their children with the equipment they needed to participate in the online classes. Both parents and teachers had to adjust and upgrade their skills to cope with online lessons and face children difficulties to stay focused and attentive, trying creative and engaging approaches. Parents had to divide their time and attention between their work from home and meet their children needs helping them to use the necessary devices for online lessons. In a normal situation, parents would not allow their children to spend much time online, but now there are no other options.

So further development and promotion of higher quality continuing education for parents are particularly important to keep up with global developments and challenges and to support their children. Then the online article “Upskilling parents – How to guide children safely through distance learning – through times of crisis” has born.
It is one of the products of the project “Upskilling Parents” financed by the Erasmus + Programme, in which LUETEC is partner.

In particular, we research which internal family dispositions are predominant in the European Community, whether Greek and Austrian children, young people, parents and their families have similar problems or not, and which approaches to solving them might be helpful.

The family is the core of European society, the starting point for building democracy, participation and social change, and therefore social support and help for families with special needs is very important.

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