2106, 2021

Mum and Dad, we need of you!

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Mum and Dad, we need of you! "Upskilling parents – How to guide children safely through distance learning – through times of crisis" of the project “Upskilling Parents”  2.0 parents! Yes, they are! No one could foresee that convinces us of this a pandemic crisis. And this is because families, particularly those in a disadvantaged condition, could not easily provide their children with the equipment they

1205, 2021

Weekly English

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Weekly English “5 lessons, 5 topics, 5 minutes” Due to the pandemic, our English courses stopped. During the first period we were optimistic about the fact that we could promptly start again the face-to-face lessons with our students. Since this didn’t happen, in the first months of 2021 we decided to create an online course that could reconnect us with our students and, hopefully, reach for new

1005, 2021


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YOUR CLASSROOM AT HOME Pandemic period made us realise how difficult can it be to change our habits since we found ourselves remodelling our working life. During self-isolation adult educators found a lot of difficulties to continue teaching to adult learners. Lifelong learning is important to prepare them for the inevitable changes happening in working life. For this reason, LUETEC, according to one of its mission which

105, 2021

Pandemic covid 19: we want to resist!

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Pandemic covid 19: we want to resist! A few years ago we could never have imagined to live in a global pandemic. Many of us only knew about pandemics in tales or novels, but now it is the reality. As a matter of fact the COVID 19 pandemic has also had a significant impact on the people’s everyday routine. Especially in educational field, because of this pandemic is

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