ELMAT: a project for immigrant and refugee multimorbid individuals


ELMAT –  Effective use of Music, Art and Literature Therapy for immigrant and refugee multimorbid individuals

A new challenge is launched by LUETEC and the Consortium of the project ELMAT. The project address to multiborbid individuals, but what does this adjective mean? It refers all individuals who suffer from more than one chronic illness at the same time. In reference to these persons, some studies showed how a multiple drug use poses a serious threat in terms of psychosocial health  and quality of life. Multidrug use increases the number of hospitalizations along with the risk of side effects and consequently adds an additional burden to health costs. Besides, drug treatment of their diseases, application of some non-drug treatments will be a supportive method for their psycho-social health in order to increase the quality of life of multimorbid individuals Increasing the quality of life of such individuals has become an important need.

In this sense the project ELMAT will contribute to overcoming the barriers faced by immigrant and refugee multimorbid individuals who have fewer opportunities and improve their living standards as well as creating inclusive environments that promote equality and equality and respond to the needs of the wider society. The project aims to support local learning environments, social inclusion and civic engagement through partners. EMALT will enable multimorbid individuals to benefit from lifelong learning opportunities by using developing technologies and encourages also local learning centers, civil society and university research centers to work together to enable and motivate adults to learn life skills and key competences.
A priority of the project is also to develop and to reinforce therapists’ skills and competencies. In this way there are a reducing of the expenses related to health expenditures; Patients staying in hospital beds for less time and reducing the risk of infection; Accelerating the healing process with personalized practices; Providing time savings,; Psychological benefits to the patient; It will be possible to increase the quality of life.
In order to realize the project, Social inclusion will be the leading guide of our project. For this reason, “the competences of educators” has been determined as the priority for adult education.

We are looking forward to begin this new dare!