Education is an exceptional means of bringing about personal development and building relationships among individuals, groups and nations.

LUETEC – (Libera Università Europea della Terza Età della Campania) Free European University of the Third Age of Campania since 2000 offers learning paths in different disciplines, targeting young people, adults and seniors.



LUETEC is born, the Free European University of the Third Age of Campania from an idea of Maria Giovanna Romaniello. In the same year, LUETEC joins the FEDERUNI – Italian Federation of Universities of the Third Age.

01 Jan, 2001


LUETEC begins its journey in Europe with the participation in the Socrates Program. In the same year, an intense educational activity began in the city of Naples, divided into courses, seminars, conferences, guided tours and book presentations. Among others: courses in Archeology, expressive reading, History of Art, History of Theater, Atelier of French, English, Spanish, Neapolitan language, laboratories of Computer Science, Painting, Diction, Gardening, Nativity Art, Photography.

01 Jan, 2002


LUETEC participates in the Leonardo da Vinci European Program with two pilot projects on innovation in vocational training in Europe: TECNO-ZEINU on learning sign language through digital and SAFE DOCK PORTO SICURO on how to improve the health and safety of port workers through ICT-based job training.

01 Jan, 2005


A successful participation in the Socrates Program begins, with LUETEC coordinating many Grundtvig partnerships. An experience of field research and comparison on the different practices of Life Long Learning in Europe, from learning the English language to the certification of skills learned in non-formal contexts.

In the same year, a fruitful collaboration between LUETEC and the Municipality of V Vomero – Arenella also started with the organization of cultural events that sees both protagonists.

01 Jan, 2007


From this year onwards, LUETEC also takes part in multilateral partnerships that relate to the sector of vocational training for young people, and in international volunteer projects for seniors.

In the same year he carried out in-service training courses for teachers and staff within the Grundtving 3 action.
Finally, the piece “Fried capitone with laurel”, written by two teachers from LUETEC, is represented.

01 Jan, 2008


A group of LUETEC teachers gives life to the review “The rediscovered memory” created to spread the places and characters that represent Naples through public events dedicated to them. The first edition, dedicated to Domenico Scarlatti, is carried out in collaboration with the V Municipality of Naples. The second edition is a tribute to the scientist Maria Bakunin and sees the collaboration with the Municipality of Naples and the Faculty of Chemistry of the Federico II University.

01 Jan, 2011


Thanks to the participation in the European Programs, LUETEC acquires specific skills and competences in the field of European planning, which allow it to inaugurate a managerial consultancy activity aimed at third parties such as LUETEB, Associazione Altrimondi, Arci Napoli, Studio Sarubbi, UTE Mola di Bari , FEDERUNI , Technical Agricultural Institute “Coppola” Piedimonte Matese, ISIS Enrico De Nicola, Comprehensive Institute “-Mazza– Cola Marino” – Torre del Greco, Municipality of Satriano di Lucania, CSR Marmo Melandro, CLAAIForm, Community Foundation of the Historic Center of Naples.

01 Jan, 2013


LUETEC moves to the heart of the city of Naples diversifying its training offer, with courses in journalism, video shooting, writing, theater and acting dedicated to young people.

In this period he organizes aperitif-lessons, concerts, cineforum and theatrical readings.

01 Jan, 2016


A fruitful collaboration begins with the Circolo degli Officiali of the Navy of Naples for the realization of musical events such as piano lessons-concerts, lessons-shows on Opera and theatrical readings dedicated to the classics of Italian literature and Neapolitan song.

The LUETEC staff has successfully managed more than 25 Erasmus + projects in the School Education, Vocational Education and Training, Youth and Adult Education sectors, establishing itself today as a European Planning and Training Center.


Maria Giovanna Romaniello
Maria Giovanna RomanielloCEO
“Per aspera ad astra”

Lawyer since 1996, she is the founder of LUETEC. She is a pioneer in the field of European planning, she has a long experience as Senior EU Project Manager in various European Programs, in particular in those relating to Adult Education and Vocational Education and Training. Over the years you have developed numerous educational and cultural cooperation projects creating 50+ European partnerships in different fields. She is a consultant for the EU Cooperation of Universities, Municipalities, Consortia of Municipalities, Trade Associations and Foundations as well as other Universities of the Third Age in Italy.

Maria Martina Peluso
Maria Martina PelusoProject Manager Assistant
“Everything you leave behind will be lost”

She has a degree in Management of Tourism Enterprises. Since 2016 Martina has been collaborating with LUETEC as Project Manager Assistant and Social Media Manager. Martina as a member of the association’s staff has participated in numerous transnational meetings and has lectured on the use of digital technologies in adult education within Erasmus + projects. You also support the organization of cultural events created by LUETEC.


Carolina Gavin
Carolina GavinEnglish teacher & Translator
“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” – M. Berle

She has a master’s degree in European and American Languages and Literatures. Since 2019 Carolina has been collaborating with LUETEC as an English teacher, for face-to-face and video lessons. As a teacher, Carolina has developed and created teaching material for several Erasmus + projects. In addition, she Carolina works as a translator of project documents and interpreter for international conferences.

Marta Formato
Marta FormatoEU Project Manager Assistant
“What we have not dared, we certainly lost” – O. Wilde

She graduated in Sociology and Social Research with a master’s degree in Public, Social and Political Communication at the Federico II University of Naples. In 2021 you obtained a Master in Europlanning at the Venice International University. You have worked in the radio sector and in institutional and political communication. You have been collaborating with LUETEC since 2020, supporting the writing and implementation of European projects.