Project Erasmus + KA2 Artist with disabilities online 

LUETEC is Partner of the Project “Artist with disabilities online”which aims to support artists with disabilities in gaining competences in the preparation of an artistic offer and its presentation on the web, i.e. preparation of film and photographic material, its processing in an appropriate program and placing on the web on the appropriate portal, as well as promotion and marketing.
The project was born from the reflection that a group of artists, especially artists with disabilities, do not have basic knowledge on how to do it: from material preparation, technical service and promotion. The key task is to provide solutions to create opportunities for this group to be creative and artistic in the new reality.

The target group are artists from various fields of art: musicians, singers, actors and visual artists – those who create and present their works to a wide audience. They will be organized 3 trainings, one at each of the partners (Centrum Kultury Wroclaw-Zachod – Poland, Idea – Spain, LUETEC – Italy ), during which artists with disabilities and their assistants will learn how to prepare material for the presentation of their work on the Internet, where post and how to promote to reach your audience by mean of social media.

Now it is the turn of LUETEC, which will host in Naples at Stelle Hotel the Training . They will arrive 30 people, 10 each (5 artists with disabilities, 5 tutors) from Poland, France and Spain.
The training will be about how to promote on social media and by means of tools like Video and Podcast.

Maria Giovanna Romaniello