Political Activism & Critical Thinking Erasmus+ the Partnership is made up of 5 Austria, German, Greece, Italy and Serbia

This project aims to find out how people who may be at risk of radicalization can be methodically strengthened to participate in socially relevant issues, including at the political level. In this context, an online article, a guideline, and a methodology kit are to be created, which also shows how people can exit radical groups successfully and return to social life, and how active participation in social and political life can be strengthened. In exchange for best practices, tools, and methods for developing critical thinking and political activism, this should be learned through concrete tools and approaches.

Organizations, adult educators, and volunteers from four cities are participating in this project. It is expected that more people will be indirectly involved through the transmission of the results (authorities, schools, faculties, cultural centers, adult education institutions, associations). Cross-work methods are formal and non-formal, such as investigations, presentations, debates, conferences, and open discussions.