Pandemic covid 19: we want to resist!

A few years ago we could never have imagined to live in a global pandemic. Many of us only knew about pandemics in tales or novels, but now it is the reality.
As a matter of fact the COVID 19 pandemic has also had a significant impact on the people’s everyday routine. Especially in educational field, because of this pandemic is the first global episode felt by the current young generation and students and teachers are facing a difficult phase in schools.
Despite digital devices are helping to continue classes with a blended methodology (online and offline), it is not enough.

Therefore, Luetec asks to itself how could we resist in this hard climate?
Through the European Programmes like Erasmus+, we want to support young people and teachers to respond with positivity and to extend a feeling of resilience.
Above all the young generation needs to recover own spaces to socialize, to learn, to grow-up mentally and physically.

The pandemic will leave important tracks and our purpose is to make in new opportunities these changes by means of innovation, creativity and new educational approaches. Furthermore we guess that the COVID 19 pandemic will make young in a stronger generation than before.