Thermal Heritage: An European Track

Erasmus+ partnership is promoted by Poland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, and Turkey

Partner institutions through this partnership implementation, want to reach these common objectives:

-To strengthen the recruitment and professional development of VET educators (e.g. trainers, tutors, mentors, coaches, thermal and SPAs operators, tour operators).

-To valorize the thermal culture heritage in Europe rediscovering the historical tradition of European thermal cities and promoting the thermal towns’ heritage.

-To raise awareness on the thermal European cultural heritage through education, lifelong learning, continuous training (including actions to improve new and pre-existing skills in this sector).

-To promote European thermal tourism combining welfare, health, tradition, education, and labor market needs.

-To give better prospects for VET educators, professionals, and thermal touristic providers through intercultural approaches and local heritage valorization.

-To support the VET sector in the spreading of the local thermal heritage combining it with tourism, sport, and leisure time to guarantee the health, and wellness of European citizens.