Digital Storytelling Tools for Adult Educators

Erasmus+ the Partnership is made up of 4 partners from Poland, Italy, Spain, and Estonia.

“Digital Storytelling Tools for Adult Educators” – exchange of good practice Erasmus+ strategic partnership is organized by VESUVIO in Poland. The primary goal of this project is to allow partner organizations to reinforce EU networks for teaching/learning ICT process increasing. The adult educators and staff will enhance the capacity to work at the transnational level, sharing and exchanging ideas, improving knowledge about practices and DST methods as an inclusive teaching technique.

“Digital Storytelling Tools for Adult Educators” partnership focuses on the use and adaptation of different digital tools in the ICT teaching /learning adult process. Educators will be able to use in the educational system digital storytelling at all levels to help students develop writing, presentation, organization, and problem-solving skills to reach an effective digital inclusion.

Our project activities are planned to better prepare and deploy the education and training of adult educator professionals for equity, diversity, and inclusion challenges in the learning environment using the DST method as a motivation strategy to involve all adult people in the digital era.