LUETEC – I Can Teach (I.C.T) Adults

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LUETEC – I Can Teach (I.C.T) Adults

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I Can Teach (I.C.T.) Adults

Project No 2016-1-TR01-KA204-034987

This ICT based project is organized by Gebze Public Education Center in Turkey. We have 5 countries and 5 institutions working with adults in total. The partner institutions are from Turkey, England, Germany, Romania, and Italy. The rationale of this project mainly depends on a needs analysis and questionnaires applied to our teachers and adult learners at the institutions. These questionnaires showed us that teachers who work with adults find themselves insufficient and not fully equipped with the ICT use during their classes. Also, we realized that adult learners are not motivated enough to use ICT tools during the classes and also in their daily lives. After online meetings with the partners, we found out that every partner has experience on different aspects of adult education and similar needs for their institutions. Therefore, we decided to develop our educators’ competencies in different aspects thanks to the variety of our partners’ experience, to motivate adult learners in ICT use and to make the best use of the facilities at our institutions.

       Furthermore, we examined some articles and research about the topic of our project and it became clear that the technology goes on developing constantly but we cannot keep up with it in our adult education systems. Almost all institutions have some technological facilities. When the efficiency of these facilities is checked, either very few numbers of teachers use them during their classes or the ones who use these facilities cannot use the ICT tools efficiently as it should be. Also, we realized that most of the countries do not have an ICT policy specifically linked to the adult learning and a small number of countries has policies on the use of ICT in adult learning. This project is going to be an initiative for this matter.

      The primary aims of this project are to develop our educators’ competences in using ICT in classroom atmosphere by making every participant an active part of our project activities. Besides that, we aim to make our educator capable to modify the current curriculum or create new ones which contain ICT and adult teaching. In order to reach these aims, we planned some courses/workshops and seminars with experts in order to show every participant how important it is and will be to use ICT in adult education in today’s world.

 International teaching and learning activities are planned to make it possible for the participants to observe other nations, take part in international activities and to feel a member of a rich team. For the teachers and the management staff, these meetings will also be great opportunities to share experiences and exchange good practices with their colleagues.

       To make the activities more effective and to make our educators fully equipped in ICT field, each partner selected at least one of the platforms or the software on the computer and planned to organize applied activities and seminars during the visits. All of the attendants will be required to make a little research about the chosen subject and the country before the meeting and by doing so they will be informed about what they will get during the lessons, the culture of the host country and their language in detail. While taking these courses and applying them in demo classes, the teachers will be able to improve their foreign language abilities because they will get some language support before the visits. Also, apart from the activities, educational courses/seminars, workshops, and some cultural activities are planned for each project meeting, in order to reach further impacts, not only technological capability and awareness. Some experts on adult education and ICT will join these mini-courses and seminars. And there will be some field trips to the institutions related to adult education and technology.

        For dissemination activities and sustainability activities, a plan and task sharing are prepared, and every partner is given some responsibility for these phases of the project.

        Finally, when we consider the characteristics and scope of work of the partners, this project has much to contribute to our institutions, teachers and adult learners at institutions and by the effective dissemination for the whole public.


Training courses & Teachers tools

During the training courses, our teacher spoke about teaching techniques and the use of different virtual teaching tools such as:

Twiddla is a real-time online whiteboard collaboration tool for the modern classroom. mind map. A mind map is a graphical representation of ideas and concepts. It’s a visual thinking tool for structuring information, helping you to better understand, remember and generate new ideas.


Edmodo is a global education network that helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential. With Edmodo you can create and manage your own personal virtual classroom, communicate with your students, send private messages to their parents, create quizzes, tasks, assignments, upload files, and much more.

Open Education Europa is a community for all those involved or interested in digital, open and innovative education. Every day teachers, school leaders, researchers, organizations, and students discover new ideas and methods to make learning more effective, interesting and motivating. This might have a small impact or change entire lives. But rarely are those ideas shared and taken up by others.

The European Commission launched Open Education Europa to capture these ideas and ensure that anyone from across the EU can find, discuss and learn how to bring innovation to the world of education.

The site focuses primarily on the potential of digital technologies and materials to improve teaching and learning. 

The aim is to give educators of all levels of education, everyone who works with them, and everyone who shares a passion for education a place to discuss, learn, share, ask questions and be inspired. is ideal for educators, students, business owners, and executives who need to convey a thought, lesson plan, or concept in an easy-to-follow visual form.


Lino is a virtual, interactive sticky note board, where you can add and share sticky notes, pictures, organize your ideas in very easy and quick way. Lino is 100% free and also available for smartphones and tablets pc, Android and Ios.


Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. Give all students the chance to participate and engage in learning without feeling self-conscious.

For this workshop, we used a specific software called Calibre

 Calibre (stylised calibre), is a free and open-source e-book computer software application suite which runs on multiple platforms, allows users to manage e-book collections as well as to create, edit, and read e-books. It supports a variety of formats (including the common EPUB and Kindle MOBI formats), e-book syncing with a variety of e-book readers, and conversion (within DRM restrictions) from different e-book and non-e-book formats.

Also,  some different software was analyzed in order to find the one that suits best teacher’s needs, in order to create a simple e-book,

Other sections of the training courses were focused on what is a virtual classroom, what do we need to create a virtual classroom, its benefits, pros and cons, management, virtual tools and much more.

We compared two free major platforms about the education available online:


The Consumer Classroom is an EU funded portal site for teachers across the EU to equip them with resources for teaching consumer education.


















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