LUETEC Ceramic-Ally

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LUETEC Ceramic-Ally

14 Maggio 2018 EU Projects 0

                                      “Ceramic-Ally Ceramic for inclusive training purposes” 

Project number: 2016-1-PL01-KA202-026455


Ceramic-ally project aims at teaching and learning techniques including pottery decoration as a tool for training and social integration and as activities leading to inclusive learning environments. Ceramic-ally partnership will address training actions for non-EU citizens or newly-arrived migrants and asylum seekers, it will develop training paths for an inclusive educational approach in VET. Teachers and staff of organizations participating in this project on the basis of their previous individual experiences will identify tools and work placement methods. These approaches will be based on achieving work-based learning and producing tangible joint outcomes, training material and tools. The final products will be designed to be easily accessible to trainers and teachers in other EU countries. The partnership chose ceramic as the central topic of the project with the purpose of exchange good practices, because working with clay offers the opportunity for each individual to participate in a practical creative process. The kind of group learning activity is relevant to the acquisition of social skills. It generates a feeling of wellbeing by the easiness of getting along well with others. It enables communication and can even develop a sense of citizenship. The primary goal is to allow partner organizations to develop and reinforce EU networks for teaching and learning ceramic craft, increasing trainers and staff capacity to work at transnational level, sharing and exchanging ideas, improving knowledge about practices and ceramic crafts methods and inclusive teaching techniques. The partnership also will produce tangible outputs such as: a video of the ceramic course implementation, an e-book on the workshops held in each partner country, and collective creations of objects that represent the partner country in the idea of the participating target groups. The objects created in the workshops will be filmed to form a virtual exhibition on the project website that will also document the audience on how working the clay can be used as a means for inclusion, to share the culture of people with diverse background. The project partners are all actors involved in VET field. The partners come from PL, ET, PT, UK, IT, and most of them have already gained experience in the Program Erasmus +. One partner is a newcomer, but has experience in the specific field of CERAMIC craft. Working with ceramics has a value recognized historically worldwide: many migrants arriving to Europe know this craft. The project will emphasize the relationship between the artisan/artist and his/her creations. It wants to highlight the real sense of “handmade” products and enhance the development of creative abilities while fostering social inclusion. Our goal is to provide an occasion for Intercultural exchange through which mutual cultures, of locals and immigrants, can be known and valued. The workshops carried out at a local level in each participating country will motivate migrants to meet and learn together in a collaborative way and to acquire knowledge of rules and habits of their hosting societies in a direct and informal key. The project will reach relevant stakeholders of local communities in the world of ceramics and crafts. These have already been identified at application stage. They will be involved in local activities and will bring their knowledge of traditional pottery techniques.





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