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Project REACT: Raising Equality And Cultural Tolerance, project n°2017-1-PL01-KA204-038689



Facing recent migration events European countries have intensified their nationalistic behavior.  Public figures created a new challenge in the field of the language used in public and promoting the values of equality and tolerance. This situation also forces focused action educators and adult education organizations. Due to the lack of new training solutions aimed at increasing the level of tolerance among adults affiliates organizations have decided to deal with this topic.

Five organizations operating in the field of adult education will build from scratch a methodological guide in the support of educators/ staff/volunteers, etc. will include descriptions of several innovative methods selected in preparation for the project, which is designed to develop a sense of unity, equality and promote cultural tolerance.

This project is relevant in local/regional context of each partner because it provides their staff with pathways to improving their knowledge and competencies especially related to key competencies, communication, and social fields. In each case, they are an important human resource in each country/region partners works.

So, the relevance for the adult education priority consists of the target group itself – adults trainers/ staff/learners without important intercultural skills – who will be supported during the project in order to participate in a learning process as a new alternative opportunity to access adult education.
Each partner has an innovative and creative approach to the general theme and it is anticipated that the various innovations will be shared during the activities. Time will be created in each transnational meeting in order to effectively analyze the innovations and discoveries arising from the work.

The learning Framework is for most partners innovative and the whole project is designed to encourage and foster innovation through flexibility, openness, and lack of formality.

This project concerns tolerance and respect for human rights. The results of this project will generate and disseminate positive messages aimed at achieving consistent coexistence with the mutual respect of European citizens and immigrants (refugees, repatriates).

The objectives of the project are as follows:

  • encouraging adult European citizens to take action for more tolerant Europe with respect to human rights,
  • taking action particularly for tolerance towards refugees crossing our borders,
  • motivating participants to be aware of active citizens,
  • improvement and enrichment of teaching tools in adult education,
  • promoting volunteering with a focus on work with migrants and refugees,
  • supporting active citizenship by initiating intercultural activities.


Training course React
Raising Equality And Cultural Tolerance
C1 – LTT – 26th to 28th March 2018 Krakòw


Monday the 26th of March 2018

The coordinator presented aims of the 3 days LTT meeting, which are:
– Exchange of good practices
– Development of the learning sessions in the area of Critical thinking skills by using 2 methods:
Six hats method, Advocacy: innovative method of debate tables).
Best practice presentation about tolerance education in each partners country

Afternoon session started from presentation of 6 thinking hats method. Then participants were assigned one hat and had to discuss a possible ideas to solve a problem. Recent terrorist attack create a situation were citizens are even less fond of refugees. What could be possible solutions to prevent the reluctance. Once task were completed participants were decided into 3 groups and were asked to work on the possible ideas how to implement the method into education and what could be the possible key messages for every lesson. Using mind mapping participants divided into 3 groups had to think of the following themes: – intercultural situations – what do our learners need – values – results – key message of every learning lesson – utilising 6 thinking hats method.


Tuesday 27th of March 2018

Participants were meeting with President of Repatriates Association from Myślenice – Mrs Aleksandra Ślusarek. She presented repatriates history, what it meant for Poland, for those who have not come back yet what it means to them to go back to Poland. Association have been set up in early years of ’90. The mission of the association is: “ We advocate on behalf of those who came back from deportation, to take care for those who will come back and in the name of justice and good name of Polish nation. The aims are to change the law in Poland and to help those who want to come back to Poland. Lots of private people helped and local governments were engaged to bring first families home, eventually 2 year ago the law in Poland has been changed and the families can count on support of Polish country, which support them financially and help with legal requirements to get visa. The Association prepared an exhibition about the history of deportation and present them mainly at schools to teach youngsters about the brutal and uneasy part of history of Poland and of whole Europe. She also answer lot of questions from participants about her involvement and the situation of Polish people in Kazakhstan.



Wednesday the 28th of March 2018

The last day trainers continued to work on the lesson development. Giovanna from LUETEC presented the draft of the lessons plan and demo lesson about tolerance for ReAct adult educators manual.
The discussion was around the subjects of the lessons and the division of work among the partners.


In the afternoon participants visited the exhibition prepared by Amnesty International held in Ogniwo library and cafe. Exhibition presented the situation of the migrants in Lesbos island and also local people who help them every day.














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